We are "the new ones"

Corinna and Peter at their wedding

Peter und Corinna during their wedding celebrations

Besides the Harz mountain's common salutation "Glück auf!", we ourselves must accustom with first, you'll from time to time hear "Moin!" from 2013 on, the common salutation in northern Germany. We, Peter and Corinna, come from Hamburg. But also that is only half the truth, because Corinna comes from the beautiful state of Thuringia (former East Germany). So we are a living piece of Germany's reunification.

Why a hotel for bikers in the Harz mountains?

Owning a hotel has always been our dream. We love riding motorcycles and feel at home among bikers. We celebrated our wedding as a biker wedding in Franconia in 2010. We've never ever been disappointed by bikers, we want to take care of you.
What could be further away then opening a hotel for motorcyclists. And falling in love with the Harz mountains is very easy for sb. from Northern Germany - vacations in different spots help a little. 

Why Hotel Harmonie?

We've been looking at many 'objects' all over the Harz mountains over the past year - I think, it were about eight. There were so many locations offered - at some spots you could tell from the outside, that that will be nothing for us, others needed a second look to be excluded. Hotel Harmonie had it all - charm, location and and and - we fell in love and want to let our dream come true here.

Peter, what are you capable of?

I'm riding motorcycles since I was 15 years old, that's almost 35 years now, founded and managed my own motorcycle club in Hamburg and have been a self-employed motorcycle mechanic for seven years. In the hotel's basement will be a workshop for repairs on your bike that you can do yourself - of course, if you like, with advice from your host.

Our guests are very important for us. If your bike breaks down under one of your tours, we're happy to pick you and your bike up and give you a ride 'home'. You can borrow one of my bikes, if your own bike can not be fixed (only upon request).

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